अंग्रेज़ी में matter

n. physical material (as opposed to spiritual); substance of a particular composition and consistency; issue, affair; excreted material; typed or written material; something that has mass and takes up space
v. be important, be significant
adj. weary, exhausted, weakened, exploited; mat, dull, lusterless, dim, faded; drab, dismal

उदाहरण वाक्य

I would have to consult with my mother as she had more experience with these matters, but something told me, the mystery of the Pharaoh’s recent illness was about to be solved.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
He wants to help young people have the same education opportunities no matter where they live.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
As a matter of fact, something was moving me already, and I was attracted to him, but I couldn't find the words to express my joy, even though my eyes betrayed me and he noticed it.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
It didn’t matter what kind of cheese it was – goat, ewe, blue, cow – if it was available I would eat it.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager still, if you want success, it’s possible you will get it.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
Soon the whole village knew that I was the expert in matters of cinema.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
You will make a difference, and it doesn’t matter how big or small it is.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
Your friends will always support you no matter what, because this is what good friends do.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
“What is the matter?” demanded his grandfather. “Why don’t you go on?”
उच्चारण उच्चारण
“No matter,” replied Forster; “I think that by running the train at its maximum speed, we might have some chance of getting over.”
उच्चारण उच्चारण

समानार्थक शब्द

1. affair: business, undertaking, circumstance, concern, situation
2. substance: material, element, medium, body, stuff, thing, substantiality
3. trouble: difficulty, distress, perplexity
4. subject: topic, content, essence, focus, theme, resolution, interest
5. pus: sore, infection, maturation
6. count: value, mean, signify, weigh, import
7. discharge pus: fester, decay

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