अरबी में alphabetize

‏ترتيب حسب الأبجدية‏
‏أبجد، رتب أبجديا‏

उदाहरण वाक्य

Finally the code will create and return the alphabetized string.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
The way she’s got them alphabetized, I’m guessing cardio and yoga on the fitness end.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
Although I doubt he'll ask me to alphabetize his nail Polish.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
I have to count my past sins... then alphabetize them.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
- Well, whenever you're fresh out of a crisis, you throw your entire office into the center of the room and alphabetize it.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
I feel I can do more than just, alphabetize.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
I'll doubt he'll ask me to alphabetize his nail polish.
उच्चारण उच्चारण

समानार्थक शब्द

arrange in alphabetical order: alphabetise, set up, arrange
provide with an alphabet: provide, furnish, render, supply

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