जर्मन में forma

n. form, gussform, aktionsform, gestalt, figur, art, weise, fasson, schablone, sitte, einkleidung, schnitt, körper, stil, anstand, leisten, laib, block, aussehen, profil, gebilde, benehmen, verfahren, wort

उदाहरण वाक्य

Prepare a completed pro forma balance sheet for 2007.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
A pro forma parliamentary vote was taken, but that was all.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
Those who know the region say that a de facto presidential system was already in place before the pro forma court judgment.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
In view of this escalation, are we condemned to pro forma protests before settling for realism?
उच्चारण उच्चारण
You have a praesidium which is not there pro forma, because it is a praesidium which counts.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
There was no question of voluntary union at that time. A pro forma parliamentary vote was taken, but that was all.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
A pro forma invoice has been received with respect to the first phase.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
A postponement or two is pro forma on Calvert Street.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
Any difference between pro forma costs and actual costs would be absorbed by the Special Voluntary Fund.
उच्चारण उच्चारण
It maintained that there had been only pro forma public participation in the TES project, because most of those who had participated were governmental employees and functionaries from one political party.
उच्चारण उच्चारण

समानार्थक शब्द

1. costituzione: struttura
2. aspetto: foggia, conformazione, configurazione
3. figura: immagine, sagoma, apparizione
4. modalità: modulo, modo, maniera, stile
5. tipo: proporzione, formato, misura
6. struttura: modello, schema
7. apparenza: esteriorità
8. procedura: norma, etichetta, regola, convenzione

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