फ्रेंच में castaño

1. (cabello) châtain
2. (botánica - fruta) châtaigne (f)
3. (color) brun (m); marron (m)

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It is no coincidence that Carlos Castaño is friendly with the government and is head of the drug traffickers and paramilitaries.
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Another case was that of Carlos Nicolás González, a helicopter pilot employed by Carlos Castaño, who was gunned down inside his residence complex while under the protection of the Attorney-General's Office.
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At 22, Warrant Officer Fabio Andres Castaño has a dream: to become a pilot for the Colombian Air Force.
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In its antislip version, this ceramic parquet is available in e mountable, Silver, Acero, Castaño, Cognac, Natural and Black tones.
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Castaño was propelled down this path a few years earlier, after the killing of his father, a cattle rancher who was being held for a "tax" ransom by the FARC - Colombia's strongest left-wing guerrilla army.
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pardo: trigueño, rojizo, cobrizo, marrón

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